You have just come within range of one of our hardware beacons. The beacon has been set up to send a web address to your Android phone. You or your organisation could use beacons to become part of the Physical Web.

A Physical Web beacon is a small plastic box that contains a small low power computer transmitting a web address using Bluetooth. It's powered by a small coin cell. The web address is automatically read by the Android operating system and produces a notification.

Google has designed the Physical Web to be non intrusive and controllable by users. People only see notifications when their phone screen is on. They don't get a notification if their phone is not being used. The first time they see a beacon they are asked if they want to continue to see further notifications. This can also be turned off and on via Android's Settings...Google... Nearby Discoveries. 

Whenever people see the following symbol they will know there's a physical web beacon nearby giving useful information:

This can be used in places such as museums, shops and events. It is being used on London buses to give transport information.

The web address inside a beacon must point to a secure https:// web address which protects users. The beacon web address only has 18 characters so it's often necessary to use a URL shortener such as or