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  • AKMW-iB006N

Bluetooth to 2.4MHz WPA/WPA2 WiFi gateway that scans for beacons and forwards the one or more beacons' advertising data, every 2 seconds, as a JSON POST, on to your HTTP server.  The gateway can also be configured to act, itself, as an iBeacon or Eddystone beacon.

Twin dipole antenna for improved performance. Requires power via standard micro-USB, from standard main charger or USB host. Requires up to 500mA.

This gateway is configured via an iOS app or programatically via Bluetooth Services/Characteristics that allow the WiFi access point and HTTP server (and port) to be configured. It's possible to whitelist beacons by MAC address or iBeacon (UUID, Major and Minor or subsets for up to 3 regions).

Doesn't work with WPA-Enterprise (801.1X).

Supplied with details how to access the technical and programming information.
Size 122mmx58mmx18mm (excluding dipole antennas)


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