Micro Consultancy

Need advice specific to your project? Looking for help to get some of your project problems unblocked? Purchase a 30 minute time slot on Skype, Google Hangout or phone call with one of our founders.

This service is aimed at smaller businesses and startups and provides independent advice and consultancy at a fraction of our daily costs. However, if you're a larger organisation, or even an individual, you're welcome to use it too.

Pick our brains about any beacon related topic. Some examples how you might like to use micro consultancy:

  • I am new to beacons, please explain what they do and how they might help our organisation.
  • I have a beacon related idea, is it possible? Will it work?
  • I have heard conflicting advice from beacon/platform suppliers. Please give us your independent opinion.
  • What beacons would you recommend for my particular idea/project?
  • What's the best way to set up our beacons for our particular project?
  • What problems are we likely to encounter?

    “The microconsult was much higher value than I had expected… and my hopes had been high.  A great deal of information in a short time — we covered a long list of questions.  Learned more than in days of researching.  Most importantly, I learned a number of things about the world of beacons that only long experience in the space can provide, that would have taken months to learn, and that I didn’t even realize were issues… Great value for the money.  Thanks!" CdC Ventures Inc

    "We went to BeaconZone with a list of questions, and came away with good advice on the steps to take. Worth the investment." Transfaction Ltd.

You can book via our web store after which we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.

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