Sensoro Technical Information

This area is for customers that have purchased Sensoro products. You will have received an information sheet with your order containing details how to access protected content.

The Sensoro Configuration app can be found on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store -  Search for 'Sensoro'. More up to date versions can usually be obtained via the Sensoro site (see link below). If you are configuring Eddystone URL, we recommend you use the iOS app as we have found the Android app can crash when a beacon is configured for Eddystone.

BeaconZone Articles

iOS and Android Apps

Choosing UUID, Major, Minor and Eddystone-UID For Beacons

Choosing an Advertising Interval

Choosing the Transmitted Power

Determining Location Using Bluetooth Beacons

Trigger Data and Beacon Servers

Sensoro technical information is openly available:

App Downloads

Sensoro Developer Area

Android SDK


4AA Specification

4AA Pro Specification

USB Specification

Sensoro Cloud

Eddystone Standard Mode

BeaconZone Tips

Switching Manual

Using the nRF Beacon for Eddystone App

Sensoro Supplied Information


Sensoro Eddystone EID Firmware Upgrade

(Password to this area supplied by BeaconZone with your beacon)

Sensoro Guide

For the following firmware you might need to Save Link As... to get the .hex file

Yunzi v4.3 Firmware

USB v4.3 Firmware

AA Pro v4.3 Firmware

Take care to select the correct AA firmware below - there are two versions depending on the age of your beacon:

AA C0 v4.3 Firmware (battery arrangement +/-/-/+ , C0 also shown in Config app)

AA C1 v4.3 Firmware (battery arrangement +/-/+/-, C1 also shown in Config app)


Yunzi and USB CE Red

FCC Ids: