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Tracker beacon.  Initially advertises every 200ms and then every 3 secs. Long press of button turns on and off. Once connected, short button presses can be detected via Bluetooth Services Notify.

Note that this is a tracker beacon. Unlike iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensor beacons, there's no configuration app, the Bluetooth advertising data is fixed and can't be re-configured. Tracker beacons differ from (most) iBeacons in that they, once connected via Bluetooth GATT, allow the beacon to ring, can detect a beacon button press and the beacon can ring when it goes out of range. Tracker beacons can also be used, without GATT connection, to detect presence by using their MAC address on Android/gateways, or peripheral id on iOS CoreBluetooth, to uniquely identify them.

Comes without iOS and Android apps. The intention is that this beacon be used with your own apps and solutions. Some free apps on the Play and App Stores might work but most are poorly written and unreliable so we don't recommend or support them.

The manufacturer provided programming documentation via the technical area (for purchasers) allows the following functionality via Bluetooth Service Characteristics:

  • Get the battery level
  • Make the beacon ring
  • Detect a beacon button press

If you are connecting to the beacon to use the above features, the beacon will beep continuously once disconnected (signifying out of range), until the button is pressed. This functionality can't be changed or configured. See BT-10 or BT-14 if you need a beacon where this can be disabled.

Technical documentation includes link to a 3rd party open source tracking-style Android app (also available on the Play Store) that works well and can be used as a programming example.

Trusted OEM brand, rebranded by many including Ford.

Black Only. Comes without battery (CR2032 required).

Comes with instructions how to access the technical information.

Transmission Proprietary Bluetooth Advertising
Number of batteries 1
Battery included no - CR2032 required
Battery life 6 months
Size 42mm x 42mm x 8mm
Weight 10g
Includes sticker no
Password to configure no
Buzzer yes
Temperature sensor no
Humidity sensor no
Accelerometer sensor no
Motion triggered broadcast no
Operation modes connected,normal
Button press yes
On off switch yes
Chip ST17H26
Transmit distance 25m
Android SDK no
iOS SDK no
Android config app no
iOS config app no


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