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USB Beacon from Microsoft backed Sensoro. Supports iBeacon and Eddystone (URL and UID). Supports Eddystone EID and Eddystone GATT via a firmware update. Furthermore, it can transmit iBeacon and Eddystone simultaneously. Dual antenna. Temperature sensor.

Stand alone configuration app available. Use with or without the Sensoro Device Management Cloud.

The optional Sensoro cloud provides:

  • Added Security. Sensoro beacons can be put into a mode that rotates the major/minor to prevent squatters. However, as with all such schemes this relies on an app Internet connection back to the cloud, which isn't always available, introduces delays and hence can make detection seem less reliable. 
  • Mapping. Google mapping of the last known beacon position.
  • Deployment Maps. Upload your own map and locations where you have deployed beacons.
  • Central Monitor Dashboard. Allows monitoring of large numbers of devices' status including battery level, temperature, motion count, light level and other configuration settings such as the transmit level and advertising interval.

Sensoro also provides a Mass Deployment tool to ease on site configuration updates. There's also an Inspection Tool that provides on-site collection of battery level and sensor data from large numbers of devices without connecting to each device.

White only.

Sensoro is one of the top manufacturers:
  • Installed in over 51 countries
  • Used by 80 top brands such as Costa Coffee and Pizza Hut
  • Deployed in over 31,000 retail stores
  • More than 250,000 beacon devices around the world
  • Used at airports, restaurants, retail shops, museums, tourist destinations, transportation vehicles and other public venues
  • One of only 13 Google Eddystone partners

BeaconZone is an official Sensoro partner and we have full access to their second line technical support.

Apps and Technical Information.

Transmission ibeacon,eddystone
Battery size n/a
Number of batteries n/a
Battery included n/a
Battery life n/a
Size 43mm x 17.4mm x 7.4mm
Weight 4g
Waterproofing no
Includes sticker no
Password to configure yes
Power range -30dBm to +4dBm
Buzzer no
Temperature sensor no
Humidity sensor no
Accelerometer sensor no
Motion triggered broadcast no
Operation modes normal,connected
Button press no
On off switch no
Chip Nordic
Standby current 8mA
Transmit distance 80m
Android SDK yes
iOS SDK yes
Android config app yes
iOS config app yes


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