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Very thin (2.6mm), light, waterproof Beacon supporting both iBeacon and Eddystone (UID or URL) simultaneously. This beacon has been specially designed so that it uses low power even when motion detection is always on. Other unique features include a ringer (beeps) and press switch.

This beacon is discontinued. Please use the U1 that has a much longer battery life.

This beacon can transmit up to 2 channels at once. The first is the iBeacon channel that can be on or off. The 2nd channel, also on or off, is custom in that you can put any data into it. It can be used to send Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL or your own custom Bluetooth LE advertising data. Only the 2nd channel can be changed in this way so you can't send Eddystone-UID and Eddystone-URL together.

The beacon can be set up to only transmit advertising data when motion is detected. Furthermore, the level at which motion is detected can also be configured.

The beacon can be set up to only transmit the iBeacon or custom channel for 5 secs when the beacon button is double pressed. Alternatively, this beacon can be connected to, for example via apps, and single button presses notified.

AnkhMaway beacons are commonly rebranded and have been used, for example, by Jaalee, AttachNFind, Engage (Italy), Lidl (Germany), Lowes (USA), Emirates Airline, Singapore Government and the Brazilian Police.

We have a blog post showing the inside of the iB001M.

Only available in black. Comes with additional part with hole that can be attached using the supplied sticker so it can be hung/worn.

Supplied with details how to access the technical and programming information.

Due to its size and waterproofing, this beacon is a sealed unit. The battery can't be replaced without damaging the case.

Transmission iBeacon and Eddystone
Battery size CR2016
Number of batteries 1
Battery included yes
Battery life 4.6 months @ 1s
Size 40.3mm x 23.9mm x 2.6mm
Weight 6g
Waterproofing yes
Includes sticker yes
Password to configure yes
Power range 4 dBm to -40dBm
Buzzer yes
Temperature sensor no
Humidity sensor no
Accelerometer sensor no
Motion triggered broadcast yes
Operation modes sleep,configuration,normal
Button press yes
On off switch no
Standby current 3.6uA
Working current 22.5uA
Transmit distance 50m
Android SDK yes
iOS SDK yes
iOS config app yes


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