Contact Tracing Analysis

Following on from the previous post on Contract Tracing with Bluetooth and Google/Apple contact tracing, the BBC now has an interesting article on University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute analysis of use of contact tracing apps.

80% of smartphone owners would need to use the app with a absolute minimum of 56%. This is based on self-diagnosis rather than testing because:

“speed is of the essence”, and that delaying contact tracing by even a day from the onset of symptoms could make the difference between epidemic control and resurgence

We previously mentioned that the UK’s NHSX was going to use a contract tracing app written by VMWare and and University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine. The latest BBC article tells us this was going to use GPS location readings and scanning QR codes. The Google/Apple contact tracing based on Bluetooth is going to be used instead so as to improve privacy and encourage greater take-up.

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