Our Changes in Working

We are now home-working and not currently visiting clients. Stock is located such that we are able to send items daily. We continue to offer technical support via the help desk and provide administrative support via our London telephone number.

While we only supply business to business, we are sending to residential addresses as we assume you might be working from home. Please continue to provide a organisation name and organisation email address when ordering otherwise your order will be cancelled and refunded.

What Our Customers are Doing

Talking to customers, we have seen an increase in the use of beacon technology in health (e.g. calling for help) and logistics (e.g. supermarket asset tracking). The use of technology and IT has the potential to reduce human effort, minimise human to human contact and provide for SOS solutions. Read our recent post on SOS type applications. Read about Contact Tracing with Bluetooth.

What We are Doing

We have a new Social Distancing Solution (SDS) for companies and organisations. We also supply stand alone social distancing beacons.


Deliveries in the UK are currently not disrupted. UPS, who we use for deliveries, are experiencing limited disruptions to specific European (non UK) postcodes. See UPS Service Alerts for the latest information.

For international orders we offer UPS Standard that goes by road and UPS Express that goes via air. Road links between European countries have been slightly disrupted. Goods are passing through but border checks and queues of traffic are slowing down journeys. Use UPS Express, by air, for the least disruption.

UPS have suspended their delivery time guarantees and they occasionally extend delivery by a day.