Eddystone-URL Doesn’t Need Registration at Google

Google’s evolution of the Phsical Web over time and emphasis on latest features in documentation is still confusing new users. Eddystone-URL and Google’s server based Nearby are two separate things.

For Eddystone-URL you set the URL in the beacon (usually also needs a URL shortener and must have SSL for the final URL) and that’s it. As mentioned in our description of Nearby, beacons advertising Eddystone-URL can’t be and don’t need to be configured at Google. You don’t need to use the Google Beacon Tools App. Nearby in the Android OS (in Google Play Services) will see the URL if the user hasn’t disabled Nearby. Chrome on iOS will fire notifications.

For Google’s server based Nearby services, you register Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-EID or iBeacon at Google at associate it with a URL or app. We have a walkthrough.

Most implementations can use Eddystone-URL and don’t need beacons to be registered at Google. Your beacons will still be shown via notifications created by Android OS. On iOS they will need to be detected via the use of Chrome.