How Do I Use The Google Beacon Tools App to Set Up Eddystone URL?

Some of our customers have be getting confused as to Google’s offering and the inter-relationship between the various forms of Eddystone, use in Chrome, Nearby, the Web Dashboard and the Beacon Tools App. In particular, they have been trying to set up Eddystone-URL via the Google Tools App.

You don’t set up Eddystone-URL with the Google Tools app and you don’t register the beacon with Google when using Eddystone-URL.

You do need to use Google Beacon Tools and register a beacon if you want Google Nearby to translate an Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-EID or even an iBeacon to a URL (not Eddystone URL) or app.

Both methods result in an operating system notification on Android (but note the current outage).

The first, Eddystone-URL method can be used on iOS via Chrome for iOS or the iOS Physical Web App. The second, Nearby, method has the advantage you can point to an app and also allows the Nearby information to be obtained programatically in an app on iOS and Android.

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