How Does Sensoro Support Eddystone-EID?

We stock Sensoro beacons that support Eddystone EID.

Sensoro supports two ways to get Eddystone EID. The first adds Eddystone EID into the Sensoro Config App and cloud offering while the second reconfigures the beacon firmware completely to implement full Eddystone as per the Eddystone GATT spec.

For the Sensoro compatible EID mode, as of the time of writing this, you will only be able to configure EID using the Android version of the Config app.

For the fully Eddystone mode, once converted to the Eddystone GATT firmware the beacon doesn’t support any Sensoro features and the beacon becomes a generic Eddystone beacon, with no iBeacon support, that has to be managed using generic Service/Characteristic editing apps. It’s a one way process that can’t be undone.

For either method, the beacon needs to be running firmware 4.3 or later. Update tips, access to the upgrade app and .hex firmware files are available to our customers via the BeaconZone Sensoro technical area.

If you enable the switch to Eddystone GATT firmware, you will then need to configure using a generic Service/Characteristic editing app such as LightBlue on iOS and Nordic nRF Connect on Android. The Nordic nRF Connect app is especially useful as it knows about Eddystone GATT and displays useful information against the respective Eddystone GATT Service Characteristics.