How To Configure Eddystone on the iB003N?

The iB003N can transmit up to three channels at one time. The first is the normal iBeacon channel, the second contains values from the accelerometer and the third is a custom channel that can transmit anything. This third channel is what you need to use for Eddystone.

Some of our customers seem to be trying to configure this via Service 0xFFD0 and rewriting characteristics 0xFFD1 (20-bytes), 0xFFD2 (8-bytes) and 0xFFD3 (1-byte length). You can configure these but there’s an easier way.

The first thing to know is that only the iOS configuration app, not Android, has an easy configure screen to set up Eddystone-UID or Eddystone-URL data. Hence, we recommend you use the iOS app.

Tap the beacon on a hard surface and it will ring. Run the iOS eBeacon app and you will see the beacon. Tap on the beacon in the app and it will ask for a password which is “666666”. You will now see a list of Services. The Eddystone configuration screen is slightly hidden. Tap on the Service FFD0 and you will see the screen below:


Tap on ‘Configure’ in the top right and you will get to the Eddystone configuration screen:

If you only have an Android device and/or you wish to take the more manual approach, the Eddystone spec defines what to set as the advertising data. Note that 0xFFD3 is read only and doesn’t need to be set. It sets itself based on the data you place into 0xFFD1 and 0xFFD2.