LoRa Sensing With Bluetooth

Bluetooth® and LoRa™ are often said to be competing wireless technologies when, in fact, they work very well together. Both work with small quantities of data and both are optimised for powering via batteries. Bluetooth is good for collecting data up to 100m away while LoRa is good for relaying that data up to 15km or more depending on geographic topology.

LoRa has traditionally been used for outside tracking, alarms systems, smart signs and utility metering. Using sensor beacons with LoRa enables sensing of things such as location, movement, temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, magnetism (hall effect), proximity (short range and human), fall detection, smoke, gas and water leak. This brings new opportunities for use of LoRa in retail, industry, life sciences, health, hospitality, visitor spaces, transportation and education.

SensorLoRa™ is our new solution component that allows sensor beacon data to be sent over LoRa. We have developed a SensorLoRa™ detector that sees sensor beacons and sends sensor data, via LoRa, to a SensorLoRa™ gateway. The gateway sends sensor data on to your server via HTTP(S). Alternatively, it can be sent to BeaconServer™ for storage or to BeaconRTLS™ for showing location and sensor information on plans or maps.

We have a new fact sheet that explains more about SensorLoRa™:

Learn more at the SensorLoRa™ web site