New 300m Long Range Beacon

We are one of the first suppliers of a new 300m beacon the iB003N-PA, based on the popular iB003N. This beacon can send iBeacon, Eddystone (UID or URL) and acceleration simultaneously and it also sends the battery level in the advertising data.


We were curious as to the affect of the substantially increased range on battery life so we connected it up to our power analyser.

We set the beacon to just iBeacon transmission with 1sec 0dBm transmission. We measured the beacon battery should last about 44 months. That compares to a measured 67 months for the standard iB003N (the manufacturer quotes 58 months). At 600ms, we have measured the iB003N-PA battery should last about 24 months.

This beacon will be especially good for Eddystone transmission where a longer transmission period can be used that will substantially increase the battery life.