New AKMW-iB004N PLUS (ZeroConf™)

We have a new variant of the iB004N, the AKMW-iB004N PLUS (ZeroConf™) that has evolved through this beacon being using with BeaconRTLS™.

Asset tracking systems don’t need beacons advertising of the order of hundreds of millisecs or even a second. Better better use can be made of gateways, servers and beacon battery life if the advertising period is longer. For the AKMW-iB004N PLUS (ZeroConf™) it’s set to 30 secs which gives a 10+ year battery life. The calculated life is actually much longer, of the order of 30 years. However, the shelf life of the Panasonic battery is only 10 years so other (chemical?) things might happen to the battery over this time so 10 years is a conservative estimate.

Another feature of asset tracking is that you usually have to set up lots of beacons and determine their Bluetooth MAC addresses. This can take a lot of effort and, being a tedious activity, can be prone to error. The AKMW-iB004N PLUS (ZeroConf™) comes already set up and advertising. The MAC address is on a label on the outside of the beacon.

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