New Google Beacon Tools App

Google has just published a new Beacon Tools App. It allows you to register Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons (Eddystone and iBeacon) with the Google Beacon Registry and create small attachments for them.
This then makes them available to be seen via APIs such as Google Nearby or the Proximity Beacon API that are both readable via iOS and Android. Beacons need to be registered against a Google API project.


The new app provides an easy way for developers to associate data with their beacons without doing this programatically. However, you still currently need a different app, server, web UI or something to read this data back.

One of the attributes you can set in the Beacon Registry is a Place Id that allows you to associate a beacon with a Google Places API place. It remains to be seen if Google will make beacon data publicly accessible via the Google Places API as this would open up a new set of without-app usecases (and potential privacy problems for projects not wanting their data visible).