Physical web : Getting Started and Tips

We have received a few enquiries how to go about setting up a Physical Web deployment and how to fine tune the maximum distance at which beacons will cause triggering.

The best place to start is the Physical Web: How to Get Started as a Developer  document.

Don’t let the title frighten you. While the title suggests it’s for developers, the document is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how Eddystone beacons work and how to set them up.

Some tips from the document:

  • Use a URL shortener for web addresses over 18 characters
  • Set the beacon to low transmission power to prolong battery life and ensure that triggering only occurs when the beacon is close
  • Use 700ms for the advertising frequency to ensure it’s reliably seen by Chrome
  • Place the beacon as high as possible
  • Use multiple beacons with the same URL to cover a large area – Chrome will de-duplicate them
  • Use a URL shortener for redirection so you can change the URL without being being anywhere near the beacon
  • For the redirection, use an error 404 page if you want to indicate to Chrome not to display your URL temporarily