Sky Forecum 201 Longer Range Than Expected

In our beacon testing, we occasionally come across a beacon that behaves better than the manufacturer’s specification. The Forecum 201 is one such beacon that while having a specified range of up to 100m, actually achieved a range of 108m at normal power (0dBm) and 190m at full power (+4dBm). This is unusual because we have found that most manufacturers tend under-deliver rather than over-deliver when it comes to matching the quoted range in real-life situations

We were curious as to whether this was at the expense of battery use and were pleasantly surprised when our battery power tests showed that a new battery will last 1.8 years at 1s transmission and 0db power.


The Forecum 201 supports both iBeacon and Eddystone (URL and UID) and is available in both sensor (humidity, temperature, acceleration) and non-sensor versions.