Social Distancing Wearables

Reuters has an interesting article on how elderly homes are turning to wearables for contact tracing. Wearables side step Apple-Google limitations of using apps for social distancing and tracing.

Google limits the utility of smartphone-based systems, while many employers do not let workers carry phones because of security and safety considerations… Wearables that communicate with each other through Bluetooth signals may be more suitable

As we have previously mentioned, the problem with app based detection is that Apple and Google limit what’s possible while at the same time there’s fragmentation of functionality across devices.

Experiments found that companies hoping to reduce costs and hassles by allowing workers to use existing gadgets will face connection challenges because of variances in the devices’ Bluetooth technology

For our Social Distancing Solution we chose to use wearables rather than smartphones as sensors and for the data aggregation part, the station, we have standardised on one rugged Android device.

In this way we and our customers aren’t battling a myriad of support problems related to fragmented Bluetooth functionality.