Troubleshooting Eddystone-URL on iOS

Important: This web page is provided for historical purposes.

On 25 October 2018, Google announced they are discontinuing Nearby Notifications on Android. This mechanism should no longer be used.

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UPDATE: As of October 2017, Google removed Eddystone detection from Chrome on iOS and Android. Only Android can provide notifications. The following is only provided for historical purposes.

This is a companion article to the one on Troubleshooting Eddystone-URL on Android but this one is tailored towards diagnosing problems with Eddystone-URL on iOS.

This post assumes you already know about managing Physical Web URLs and the use of SSL.

What do you do when you have set everything up and aren’t getting any notifications? Here are some things to try and do:

  • Internet connectivity? The Chrome Today screen widget connects to a Google proxy and then to your site to get information, for example the web site title, to show to the user. If there’s no or poor Internet connectivity, the beacon will appear not to be detected. To test connectivity, enter the URL into Chrome or Safari on your phone.
  • Is it the URL? Try a URL that you do know works for someone else, for example one generated by or our test URL
    If you think it’s a problem with the URL, you might like to try using Google’s Physical Web URL validator. However, be aware that the validator itself has faults and we have seen URLs which work that fail with the validator.
  • Is it your URL shortener? Some public URL shorteners, particularly, get overloaded and when they take too long to respond, the Google Physical Web Proxy gives up. The total time for the shortener and your web site to respond needs to be less than 3 seconds. Try a different URL shortener.
  • Is it your web server?  If you have control of the web server and it uses a Cache-Control header, make sure you set it to at least 24 hours so that it gives the Google Physical Web Proxy time to update it while using the old cached version.
  • Is it the Chrome widget? Try the Physical Web app.
  • Is it the beacon? See if the nRF Connect app can see the beacon. If so, click on the ‘Service data’ to see if it has the correct URL.
  • Is it your ‘message’? If notifications have suddenly stopped working, Google might now be blocking your URL. The Google proxy has a scoring algorithm such that a notification won’t show if it has not been well received by users. Try a new URL.

Getting Further Help

Log a Physical Web Issue or communicate with the Physical Web team via the Physical Web discussion forum. You can also create a bug report and send it directly to the Nearby Team.