Why Doesn’t Beacon Demonstrator Show the URL on iOS?

Our Beacon Demonstrator app is for companies wishing to easily try out beacon triggering without signing up to a specific proprietary service or having to use specific vendor’s beacons. Triggering is set up in the app as opposed to via a web page. Beacons are created under a group name that can be used in this app on other Android and iOS smartphones to automatically share beacon trigger data.

Some people have been experiencing a problem on the iOS version of the app where the beacon gets detected, the notification appears but tapping on the notification doesn’t open the configured web address.

The ‘action’ field in the app has dual use. It can be a message or a web address starting with http://. The iOS version of the app uses a text field for the action that automatically upper cases the first letter of the URL. This means that the web address can become Http://. Make sure the address starts with a lower case ‘h’ to get the web address opened when you tap on the notification.