Wiliot Demonstration

We have previously mentioned Wiliot who are producing battery free Bluetooth beacons. They now call them tags to emphasise their use in tagging items. However, beacons and tags are essentially the same thing.

There’s a new demonstration on YouTube:

Wiliot have recently announced Series B funding mainly with partners best placed to help them with rollout.

Early Wiliot tags are expected to be very short range compared to battery beacons but this is expected to improve as the technology is refined. The id of the Wiliot tags is ephemeral which means it changes over time for security reasons. However, this also implies use of a server to ‘decode’ the identification. As with Eddystone EID, this adds latency to local identification and doesn’t work when the server can’t be contacted. Local caching can help but only for as long as the ephemeral id’s ‘life’.