• Eddystone Configuration Service

A service for people with less technical inclination, no spare time or who like having things done for them. The beacon comes, ready working and already transmitting. We configure one Eddystone beacon to your chosen web address using a URL shortener. We set up the beacon to transmit and configure the web address. If you don't have a secure web address, we can configure your beacon using a new account we can set up for you on our free EddystoneCMS.

Tip: The secure web address can be your Facebook page

Please mention your secure web address (starting with https://) in the comment section of your order. If you don't have a web adress then please specify the message, a short description and the content you want shown when the user taps on the smartphone notification.

This configuration service doesn't include the beacon. You will also need to purchase an Eddystone beacon. Not sure which one? Try the TON9108 if you just want an inexpensive beacon to try out. Choose the iB003 for longer battery life, longer range and waterproofing.

To have us configure more than one beacon, please order multiple of this configuration service.

Eddystone Configuration Service

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