Beacons in Education

Our beacons and gateways are being used in several schools and universities to track attendance. Depending on your situation you might have beacons located at particular places, on people or both. Many sites use iBeacon with apps but it's possible to use the Physical Web for smaller, economic rollouts. We can help you decide how to use beacons based on your unique situation.

The two main uses of beacons in education are the automatic checkin of students and providing educational content or instructions tied to areas or zones. This can be extended to provide for campus tours, maps and navigation. It's also possible to promote related or added value services based on location.

Campus beacon networks can also provide insights through the use of analytics. Quantify flow, identify pinch-points and find under-used resources.

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Use our consultancy for insights such as the pros and cons of iBeacon vs the Physical Web, suitable beacons, software and advice to avoid issues during rollout. Enlist our software development services to create apps for your campus.

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