Beacons in Hospitality

Beacons are used in cafes, restaurants, hotels and even cruise ships. Almost all uses of beacons in hospitality start with providing site specific information to your customers. This tends to be menus in cafes and restaurants or itineraries on cruise ships. It can also include other services such as check in/out, virtual payment, indoor navigation, locating family/colleagues/friends on-site and self guided tours of say a hotel's art collection. 

iBeacons in Hospitality

The key thing to understand is that this novel, high tech, way of improving customer service can actually help you and your organisation more than it does your customer. The initial gains come through being able to provide targeted personalised messages and alerts based on customer location. If you know where customers are on your site, you can send them appropriate messages with help containing added value offers. 

The more valuable gains come through knowing where customers have spent their time. Learn which areas are most or least popular and at what times so you can plan human resources or even re-arrange your site to make better use of space. Offer more of what's popular so that customers re-visit. Offer less of what isn't popular so you don't waste resources. 

Also think beyond customers and consider how you might use beacons behind the scenes. Locate housekeeping and maintenance staff more easily. Determine the actual time activities take and measure productivity to provide for better and easier staff planning.

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