Beacons in Life Sciences

Beacons improve the running of medical facilities and enhance the patient experience. Using beacons improves operational efficiency and reduces costs.

Safety & Security
Panic and safety alerts based on button presses, detect items being stolen
Find items quicker, locate patients and staff
A to B navigation
App-based beacon-triggered information such as wait times
Monitoring temperature/light/humidity of areas and medicine bags
Asset utilisation, identify pinch points, under-used areas

iBeacons in Life Sciences

The more innovative and far-reaching scenarios involve the use of patient sensing rather than location. We have found the main problem for practitioners is that while there are Bluetooth fitness devicessensor beaconswearable beacons, there's no obvious way to collect and analyse the sensor data, particularly when this data is noisy and complex. We help with these problems, providing multiple ways to record sensor data and, if necessary, extract insights via the latest AI machine learning techniques.

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Our Technologies

BeaconServer™ - Collects and decodes beacon data

BeaconRTLS™ - Real time locating with alerts

SensorCognition™ - Serverless machine learning with sensor data

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