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We are specialists in Bluetooth® beacon solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products, consultancy and software development for companies and organisations evaluating/using beacon technologies for use in professional solutions or research. We operate B2B, not B2C.

Our articles provide information that's more detailed than provided by beacon software platform providers. We supply OEM beacons, as they were, before they were branded by others. None of our beacons are tied to a particular software platform. This allows you to mix and match beacon hardware/platform software for your own solution or explore beyond the confines of ready-made retail marketing solutions into areas such as the Physical Web, asset control, security, sensing, the Internet of Things (IoT), 4IR and machine learning. 

In our store you will find over 100 different beacons from 30 manufacturers in the USA, China, Europe and the UK. We stock the largest product range because one beacon type doesn't suit all scenarios. Occasionally, one scenario might even be best served with multiple types of beacons. We also supply beacon-related accessories such as batteries, lanyards, Faraday bags and beacon-WiFi/Ethernet gateways. The store allows you to easily purchase products with payment via credit/debit card.

Our UK limited company has been in business over 25 years, previously providing mobile app development services across Windows Mobile, Java ME, Symbian, iOS and Android. While developing beacon-related apps for clients we identified that the over-emphasis of the use of beacons in retail marketing scenarios and beacons reliant on subscription-based platforms were limiting the available information, products and solutions.

We set up BeaconZone in 2015 to provide easier access to information, products and services associated with beacons. In 2016 we started selling sensor beacons and gateways that provide for IoT solutions. In 2017 we introduced our BeaconRTLS™ beacon locating IoT platform and machine learning services. In 2018 we announced BeaconServer™ and SensorMesh™. SensorBoard™, SensorLoRa™ and the SensorCognition™ edge device are new for 2019. Today, our ethos remains the same in that we are experts in creating solutions that aren't locked to proprietary beacons and subscription platforms.

BeaconZone Ltd is self-funded and our growth is organic rather than venture capital (VC) funded. This means we are more customer rather than shareholder driven, not distracted by funding rounds and not running on borrowed time.

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