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We are beacon solution specialists in London, UK . We improve customers' processes using tracking, sensing and triggering solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products, software and consultancy for companies and organisations. We are a professional services company and only supply business to business.

Our company has been in business over 25 years, previously providing mobile app development services across Windows Mobile, Java ME, Symbian, iOS and Android. While developing beacon-related apps for clients we identified that the over-emphasis of the use of beacons in retail marketing scenarios and beacons reliant on subscription-based cloud platforms were limiting the available information, products and solutions. SaaS often isn't the best solution for reasons of performance, data ownership and platform longevity. We set up BeaconZone in 2015 to provide for standalone solutions not locked to subscriptions.

Our articles have information that's more detailed than provided by beacon software platform providers. Unlike other suppliers, we don't sell our own hardware and instead supply manufacturers' beacons that aren't tied to a particular software platform. This allows you to mix and match beacon hardware/platform software or explore beyond the confines of ready-made retail marketing solutions into areas such as asset control, security, sensing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and machine learning. 

In the web store you will find beacons from many manufacturers. We stock the largest product range because one beacon type doesn't suit all scenarios. We also supply beacon-related accessories such as lanyards, Faraday bags and WiFi/Ethernet gateways. The store allows you to easily purchase products with payment via credit/debit card.

While we sell beacon products, our main business and focus is consultancy and solutions. We have created re-usable software components such as BeaconRTLS™, SensorCognition™ and PrecisionRTLS™ that enable us to efficiently implement common requirements using almost any off-the-shelf beacon hardware.

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