Beacons in Visitor Spaces

Visitor spaces include museums, art galleries, tourist sites/towns, concerts, stadiums, theme parks and even business conferences. Most visitor space owners and managers tend to want to bring their attractions into the 21st century to make visits more exciting and informative. There's also usually a need to re-use existing digital assets such as descriptions, images and video.

Beacons in Visitor Spaces

Beacons help your visitors interact with your visitor space. For example, they can rejuvenate art museums to bring enquiry based learning that's more typical of natural history and science museums. They provide a solution how to deliver more content than can be shown in your available physical space. They can provide the stories behind your exhibits, places and attractions. They provide a channel to mention your value-added products and services. Beacon driven apps provide a better experience, better analytics and can continue the narrative when people have left.

While beacons provide your visitors with a better experience, the real business gains are in knowing how long people spend on site and at each exhibit or place. Discover what are the most liked and most viewed areas to work out what kinds of things are most and least popular. This can feed into changes to your visitor space to make it more popular through more people returning, again a metric that can now be measured.

We also have customers using sensor beacons for environmental and security monitoring. Monitor temperature, humidity, light levels, movement and vibration with alerts.

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