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  • AB BLE Gateway

This gateway reads raw advertising data and sends it on to your chosen HTTP server, MQTT server or websocket server via WiFi. Supports throughput up to 50 beacons/sec.

This gateway sends raw advertising up to the server together with MAC address, RSSI of the beacon, the ip address and id of the gateway:

e.g. fe 2c 00 12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf aa 02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5 0d 0a

Bytes Description                     Example
byte 1 Start of the data frame    fe
byte 2 data of the length     2c
byte 3 advertising type, see the table below 00
byte 4 - 9 mac address for BLE device 12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf
byte 10 RSSI, minus 256 for real value aa
byte 11 - Advertisement data 02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5
last 2 bytes End of the data frame 0d 0a, the ASCII code for \r\n

Advertising Type Code:

Code Description

0 Connectable undirected advertisement
1 Connectable directed advertisement
2 Scannable undirected advertisement
3 Non-Connectable undirected advertisement
4 Scan Response

Metadata in JSON format is added to the first line of the data:

A web based interface allows you to set up the mode (HTTP, MQTT or websocket), DHCP or static IP, the port, server path, SSL (on or off) and frequency of upload. You can also set up filtering by RSSI and to just upload iBeacon advertising.

Input: 5v, 80mA typical working current.
Includes: Unit, USB cable.

Further technical details are available via the technical information page.

Size 60mmx36mmx16mm

AB BLE Gateway

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