Generic Beacons

We advocate for the use of generic beacons rather than those tied to a specific Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Choosing generic Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) beacons offers numerous advantages. You're not limited to using the beacon compatible with a particular platform, which provides greater flexibility. Secondly, you avoid the need for a paid subscription to a specific platform, protecting you from potential future unknown price increases.

Additionally, using generic beacons reduces reliance on platforms backed by venture capital that, more likely than not, will eventually close due to not being financially sustainable. This choice also frees you from the constraints of the advertising types and sensors that are specific to locked beacons. You won't be bound by the technical limitations or service levels of a single platform.

Moreover, opting for generic beacons allows you to host your platform independently or through a hosting provider, ensuring your business data remains private and off shared servers. It also gives you the freedom to customise your setup by mixing different beacon types and manufacturers to suit your physical environment. This approach mitigates long-term risks by reducing dependence on a single supplier.

Finally, it eliminates the necessity to tailor your code to be compatible with a proprietary beacon application software development kit (SDK), further enhancing your operational autonomy and flexibility.

What are beacons?

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