Generic Beacons

We advocate using generic beacons rather those locked or tied to a particular SaaS platform. Some platform vendors have a self interest in locking you into their proprietary beacons and subscription platforms. Using generic OEM beacons means you are:

  • Not locked to using the beacon with a particular platform
  • Not locked to a paid subscription for a particular platform that will probably change price in the future
  • Not locked to a platform from a VC funded company that might not be around next year
  • Not limited to the advertising types and sensors provided by a particular locked beacon
  • Not limited by the technical limitations of a platform
  • Not dependent on the service level of a shared platform
  • Have the choice to host a platform yourself or via hosting provider and hence keep your business data away from a shared server
  • Can mix different beacon types and manufacturers to suit your physical environment
  • Can second (or third) source beacons to reduce longer term risk
  • Don't have to lock your code to use a particular proprietary beacon app SDK
What are beacons?

Ways to use beacons