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Advanced human occupancy sensor that uses a millimeter wave radar sensor to detect numbers of people as opposed to just human presence. It can be used for personnel flow statistics such as counting the number of people and tracking the trajectory of people. A self-learning function detects the environment state to identify and eliminate interference sources. Provides the statistics via Bluetooth advertising, with a range of up to 150m, for detection via a gateway or app.

Mount on the ceiling, 2.5 to 4m high to provide 120° coverage over a 3m radius.

This model (MSR01-A) tracks the location (x,y,z) of individual people with a limit of 15 people. The Bluetooth advertising provides the location of 5 people at a time, more being provided in subsequent Bluetooth advertising. The accuracy is best when there are less than 8 people. There's also a model (MSR01-B) that provides information on the number of people entering or leaving the area. 

Ceiling mounted, magnet ring included. Requires wired 12v DC power supply (not included).

Supplied with access to the technical information.
Transmission Sensor
Size 83*21mm (main body) 66*6.1mm (mounting base)
Waterproofing no
Includes sticker no
Password to configure yes
Power range -30dBm to +4dBM
Buzzer no
Temperature sensor no
Humidity sensor no
Accelerometer sensor no
Motion triggered broadcast no
Operation modes sleep,normal,connected
On off switch no
Chip nRF52822
Working current 10.5mA
Transmit distance 250m
Android SDK no
iOS SDK no
Android config app yes
iOS config app yes

MSR01-A Human Presence Detection

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