Beacons for Workplace Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Social distancing measures in the workplace ensure continuity of work and demonstrate commitment to maintaining employee wellbeing. However, there will always be some workers who flout the guidelines and others who are so engrossed in work that they forget about social distancing.

Social Distancing Tech

Use beacons to remind workers to maintain social distancing. Wearable devices, worn as wristbands, on lanyards or in workwear such as helmets, vibrate and/or flash when employees breach the set social distance. The distance can be varied depending on varying guidelines across governments and over time.

Complete solutions allow close contact events to be taken off the beacon each day to audit compliance. Use the close contact data to identify people or roles where work processes can be improved. Implement social distancing scoring to improve ongoing awareness. For workers with roles that can't social distance, monitor close contact events so as to encourage reducing the duration of risk. Should a Covid-19 virus outbreak occur in the workplace, use the close contact data to identify potentially affected workers.

Beacon-based social distancing solutions only use Bluetooth, not GPS or location. Only the close contact is recorded, not the actual location, so as to minimise privacy concerns.

Wearable devices provide distancing detection that's much more reliable than using smartphones that have widely varying transmit and receive capabilities. Using defined, known wristbands or lanyard devices eliminates the variances.

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Social Distancing Beacons