Tally App

Tally helps you keep track of things or people. It's a solution suitable for keeping count of:

  • Groups of people - Tour groups, education class registration
  • Stock - retail, wholesale, distribution
  • Assets - machines, vehicles
  • Workers - time tracking, locating, lone workers, evidence based working

...or just beacons in a rollout to make sure they are working.

Tally lets you know people or things are there or, for the unattended mode, where they have been. It automates manual processes and replaces them with automated reporting. Checking beacon-tagged people and things is quicker, cheaper, and can be more accurate than human based-checking. It can also produce Excel/csv records that can be fed into other systems.

Tally can look for beacons you have pre-defined, all beacons or beacons belonging to a pre-configured, named group. For pre-defined searching, the beacons can be input and output to Excel files. The app produces sessions from being manually started and stopped or there's an unattended mode that ends the current session and starts a new one whenever the session is idle, with no beacons being seen, for a pre-determined configurable time.


When a session is active, beacons are detected, in background, even when the app isn't running. When running a session manually you can enter extra information, for example a room name, area or other information you want associated with the session.

The app shows the beacons as they are detected or optionally those in a group that are missing.


You optionally define named, grouped things/people and their associated beacons either in Excel or in the app. If you use the app, you can quickly add a thing/person/beacon by adding the nearest beacon with a name and optional group. You can export the beacons to Excel to edit them, save them, use them in other reporting systems or share with Tally running on other devices.


View the history of sessions in the app and drill down for more detail.

The session detail shows each beacon, it's group, name, any extra information entered by the user and the start and end time that the beacon was seen. It can also optionally reports the beacon battery level for AnkhMaway/Jaalee type beacons. Export the detail to Excel and share output files via email, Evernote or any other app that accepts a file. For unattended use, automatically email or ftp session files with no user intervention. Failed email or ftp uploads are queued for when there's connectivity.


Tally is configurable, allowing many uses. Please see our blog post for example usecases.

Beacon Battery Friendly

Unlike for consumer retail-based marketing, most monitoring scenarios don't have a requirement to detect a beacon very quickly. Hence, beacons can be set up to transmit less frequently, for example every second. This can allow the beacon battery to last up to 10x longer. This solution can be configured to use longer scan times to match the beacon transmit frequency.

Inbetween an 'app' and a Custom Solution

You won't find Tally on the Play or App store. It's a professional solution for business and organisations. However, it costs a fraction of the cost of a custom solution. Nevertheless, we are happy to customise it (for a fee) to your exact requirements. It fits between an app store 'app' and a custom solution.


Some features of this solution can only be performed on Android and hence there isn't an iOS version. Most iOS (and Android) devices aren't suitable for survey-type work. Using fragile personal devices and using up their battery power for non-personal doesn't always make sense. Instead, it's possible to use dedicated, cheaper, rugged, waterproof devices with or without cellular connection that are more suitable for the task.

Tally is available as an app licensed per device. 

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