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Specialist, USB powered beacon with a very long 1000m to 4000m range. One of these devices can be used instead of very many less powerful beacons thus saving costs and easing maintenance. Transmits up to 10 channels simultaneously that can be Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, iBeacon or AltBeacon.

This beacon uses the FSC-BT909 beacon module, a large antenna and 18.5 dBm (Class 1, CE RED Certified) output power to achieve the maximum possible range. With this device, the range depends more on the receiving device than the beacon - up to 1000m on Android and 4000m on iOS.

Uses only 20mA via USB. Can be powered by desktop/laptop USB, mains USB AC adapter or a USB power bank.

Configuration is either via an Android/iOS app or via sending AT commands through the laptop/desktop USB com port.

The beacon uses a CP2014 USB to UART bridge for AT commands to allow the beacon to appear as a Silicon Labs CP210x USB device. Feasycom supply a Windows-based application but we expect any telnet-type application could be used on other platforms. The configuration via telnet opens up the possibility of the advertising changing programmatically over time, for scenarios such as changing media displays. 

Note that, as with any long range beacon, the maximum range is achieved only when there's line of sight.

Working temperature -20ºC to  +70ºC.

Comes with instructions how to access the technical information.

Transmission iBeacon, Eddystone
Number of batteries USB powered
Battery included no
Battery life n/a
Size 285mm x 40mm x 22mm
Weight 53g
Includes sticker no
Password to configure no
Buzzer no
Temperature sensor no
Humidity sensor no
Accelerometer sensor no
Motion triggered broadcast no
Operation modes normal
Button press no
On off switch no
Transmit distance 1000 to 4000m
Android SDK no
iOS SDK no
Android config app yes
iOS config app yes


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