Ankhmaway Technical Information

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Explanation of Branding

MeeBlue Electronic Technology is the company formerly behind the Ankhmaway brand of beacons, for example, the iB004N and iB005N.
They now manufacture a new range of beacons including the M52 series.

MeeBlue still manufactures the older iB00n series beacons because they are used in many existing applications
and their functionality and casing might be preferable for some types of application.

When changing branding from Ankhmaway to MeeBlue, the manufacture partner was also changed due to quality issues with the old factory.
To complicate matters, the old factory continues to illegally manufacture the iB00n series beacons
so beware when obtaining these beacons from alternative sources.

Read this first -> Quick Start Guide

Android App


User and Programming Guides

User guide iB001N, iB004N (iBeacon only version)

User guide  iB001N, iB004N, iB005N (iBeacon and Eddystone version)

User guide iB001W

Setup guide for iB003N (v1.3 omits acceleration advertising)

Setup guide for iB003N (v1.1 includes acceleration advertising)

User and programming Guide for the slim iB001M (and iB002M)

User and programming guide for the USB iB005N

User Guide for iB006N Bluetooth WiFi Gateway

How to set up URIBeacon (for beacons that support this)

Four ways of getting beacon's battery level in iOS

SHT20 User Guide (for humidity and temperature)

SHT20 iOS Code Example (for humidity and temperature)

SHT20  iOS Code Snippets (for humidity and temperature)

iB004N Data Logger User Guide and iOS Code

iB004N PLUS With Light Sensor User Guide


General beacon specification


How to set up a beacon using JAALEE app

How to easily open the iB004 after it has been stuck on a wall

How to open the iB004 case

Connecting to the iB002M

Start to use Jaalee Beacon

(Remember you can just use the iOS and Android APIs directly)



Example Code

Android example app using the Radius SDK

Android example app using the JAALEE SDK

Android how to get move notification (iB003N, iB001M and iB002M only)

Android how to encode Eddystone UID and URL 

Documentation for SDKs
(Auto generated so not that useful)



Blog Posts and FAQs

Getting the AnkhMaway Battery Level from Advertising Data

What is the Power Value in the AnkhMaway eBeacon App Configure Screen?





FCC Ids (link to FCC)