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iOS and Android Apps

Choosing UUID, Major, Minor and Eddystone-UID For Beacons

Choosing an Advertising Interval

Choosing the Transmitted Power

Determining Location Using Bluetooth Beacons

Trigger Data and Beacon Servers


User Guide Card 

SDK: Use the standard iOS and Android iBeacon/Bluetooth LE APIs or Radius Network's iOS SDK/the EasiBeacon Android library. Don't use SDKs provided by Axaet to modify characteristics as they are for a different beacon and will corrupt the beacon such that it won't work any more.

Battery Replacement

PC62/PC63 need lot of force because the case is waterproof. Push off lid with a blunt instrument rather than twist to avoid marking the case. Tip: We put ours in a small vice, squeezed the case near the middle (not the lid, not at the bottom as the pcb is there) a little and the top popped open.

PC037 and PC038 beacons open easily if an edge, like a guitar pick, knife or finger nails, are twisted at the side lid where the two holes are (PC037) or in the case depression (PC038).