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Experts - BeaconZone was founded and continues to be run by software developers. We have decades of software experience across mobile and server-side platforms. We have no account managers or salesmen to confuse, delay or complicate matters. You talk direct to the experts.

Different - With no allegiance to a particular type of beacon or platform, we have no motivation to lock you into proprietary beacons and costly subscription platforms that you don't control. We avoid use of VC funded platforms that might not be around as long as your project and instead create apps and systems that you own and control. Use of open source software and generic cloud services means this doesn't necessarily need to be complex or costly.

Unique - We are the only company backed by the largest range of beacons, gateways, extensive beacon expertise and long term software development experience.

We developed apps for tagsmArt that have been used at Folkstone Triennial, Frieze London, Saatchi Gallery and the Fine Art Society:

We developed a custom beacon-based stock control system with branded beacons for Malvern Instruments Ltd:


"BeaconZone was a key part in succeeding with our custom heart rate tracking project. From assessing potential challenges in the Bluetooth framework on iOS and Android to evaluating hardware possibilities, we got valuable and accurate advice. The project was delivered on time and we are confident we will be working together again in the future" Ultimate Sport Service Aps, Denmark

We also create solutions based on our existing beacon-based products and components:

Tally - Tally helps you keep track of things or people. It's a solution suitable for keeping count of groups of people, stock, assets and workers. Read more >>

Beacon Demonstrator - iOS and Android apps to demonstrate beacon triggering. Read more >>

BeaconServer™ - Ready-made system to collect multi-location beacon advertising data. Read more >>

BeaconRTLS™ - Real Time Locating System (RTLS) to locate assets and people. Read more >>

SensorMesh™ - Allows non-mesh sensor beacons to participate in a standard Bluetooth® mesh. Read more >>

SensorLoRa™ - Extends tracking and sensing up to 15km. Read more >> 

SensorBoard™ - Dashboard-based visualisation, alerts and external notifications. Read more >>

SensorCognition™ - Serverless Edge machine learning of sensor data. Read more >>

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