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Beacons provide a way of obtaining data about people, places and things that provides tangible business benefits. They provide a low risk way for you and your organisation to take advantage of indoor locating, location-based triggering, the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensing. They also provide a way to create new data for AI machine learning that can transform the operation of your organisation. View the ideas gallery for a selection of innovative ways our clients have used beacons.

Complete Bluetooth Solutions

We are specialists in building complete solutions that make use of beacons and Bluetooth LE. We are the only company backed by the largest range of beacons, Bluetooth gateways, extensive beacon expertise, deep contacts with manufacturers and long term software development experience. Our ready-made software components, technical specialism, hardware market knowledge and deep relationships with manufacturers significantly reduces project risk. Learn more about us.

With no allegiance to a particular type of beacon or platform, we have no motivation to lock you into proprietary beacons and subscription platforms that you don't control. We avoid use of VC funded platforms that might not be around as long as your project. For reasons of privacy and security, Software As a Service (SAAS) isn't suitable for most business scenarios and instead we create on-site and dedicated solutions that you fully control. Use of open source software and our own ready made components such as BeaconServer™BeaconRTLS™ and SensorCognition™ means this doesn't usually need to involve lengthy software development.

Contact us via our help desk to set up a free initial chat on how we might create a beacon-based solution for your organisation.

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