Asset and Pallet Tracking for Manufacturers

While technology has improved significantly over the last decade, research shows there has only been productivity gains for the top 5% of companies. These tend to be the very large manufacturers with large budgets who have been able to commission customised specific solutions. Small and medium sized organisations have found it difficult to digitise due to the lack of availability of reasonably priced solutions. 

Many small and medium manufacturers rely on inefficient manual processes with technology only used at the edge for input of components (output of purchasing) and output of product (input to sales). Those that are modernising by using technology, throughout manufacturing, are gaining competitive advantage.

Poor tracking of pallets, parts and sub-assemblies wastes time, slows production and causes longer lead times. Lost human effort and machine capacity reduces throughput. These problems are compounded when storage/production are across multiple rooms or buildings. For most manufacturers, digitisation starts with asset tracking. 

Asset and Pallet Tracking

Recent advances in low cost, low power Bluetooth beacons and real time locating systems (RTLS) are allowing small and medium sized organisations to digitise their operations. Unlike older barcode and RFID tag-based systems, this doesn't rely on manual or close proximity scanning. With traditional scanning, information as to the whereabouts of an item is only as good as the last scan that could be minutes, hours or even days ago. If the item moves without scanning, finding it can be impossible. Bluetooth asset tracking is continuously updated allowing you to locate items quickly and efficiently.

New systems are only as good as how well they integrate with existing systems. There's no point improving asset tracking if it imposes extra tasks that consume human effort. The systems we supply can be automatically set up, via HTTP REST, from your systems. Data can also be automatically extracted to show in your existing systems.

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