AI Machine Learning with Beacons

There's a revolution happening where organisations are using data to improve operational performance and create new markets. Decisions no longer have to be made in the dark or based on gut instinct but instead on evidence and accurate forecasts. Industry competition is increasingly based on competency in analytics with the leaders staking their claim with significant advantage. In most industries, machine learning insights are fuelling technology advances and business disruptions. Introducing so called new 'orthogonal' data from devices such as
sensor beacons can disrupt industries as well as provide for a way to break the problem of organisational data silos.

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Machine learning can be used by just about every industry that can generate data. In healthcare, you might classify a type or level of illness based on sensor data. Alternatively, you might want to alert when vulnerable patients go outside their normal pattern of movement. In industry, you might want to perform prognostics on sensor vibration data to predict failure. Alternatively, you might want to forecast purchasing requirements based on sensed activity. There's an enormous number of uses across all industries.

Whatever your industry or sector, AI machine learning is about significantly improving operational performance. It's about revealing actionable insights, identifying situations and creating optimal responses. We accelerate your organisation using AI machine learning to increase the production value of your assets and people.

“Every company that works to build something of their own will incorporate AI... 

AI is perhaps the most transformative thing that's ever happened”

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft.

Wired UK, Issue 97.

Machine learning finds hidden gems in data and results in 'models' that can detect, classify and forecast. Feeding the resultant intelligence back into your organisation solves problems that previously seemed too complex and impossible to solve by humans. Solving these problems often improves efficiency, saves costs, increases competitiveness and can even create new intellectual property for your organisation.

Our work in AI and machine learning grew out of our use of beacons in sensing and collection of data using our BeaconServer™ and BeaconRTLS™ platforms. We perform machine learning locally on one of our custom-built rigs or in the cloud depending on the type of learning and clients' data privacy requirements.

The resulting machine learning models are used in mobile apps, local/remote servers (via HTTP REST) or in the cloud to provide for detection, classification and forecasting tasks. 

Machine Learning Rig

One of our custom built machine learning rigs


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