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with Beaconzone CATT

Social Distancing, Contact Alert, Track & Trace
Bluetooth Wearable Devices and Management Solution

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Manage your COVID 19 business risks with our easy to activate, standalone Bluetooth wearable devices and management technology

  • Enhance protection against COVID-19
  • Give workers confidence in workplace safety
  • Restore business productivity and continuity
  • Be agile to changing compliance needs
  • Reduce breaches and the chance of shutdowns


Hands-free devices automatically sync with stations for swift contact-free use


Protect data with password activated wearable devices


Employ multiple stations to support any number of users


Outstanding Bluetooth performance - even works in electrically noisy environments

Tasked with securing social distancing measures within your organisation?

Try the Evaluation Starter Kit

Two social distance wristbands and a management station for you to try before investing for your whole workforce

  • Easy to set up and test
  • Supplied within 2 working days
  • Easy to scale with additional wearables and management stations 

£399 + vat

Purchase, Implement and Manage with Confidence


Easy implementation with data secured within your organisation


No ongoing monthly subscription fees


Rapid installs possible with wearables supplied: 10s in days, 100s in weeks, 1000s in 4 weeks


To Europe, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Iceland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand 

Customer trials against similar systems have demonstrated our expertise in Bluetooth has resulted in superior performance

  • Not to be confused with cheap 'toy' social distancing devices on the market that don't work or only provide half a solution, CATT has been developed in the UK using Beaconzone's expertise in device hardware and firmware. Features required for real-life use were developed while testing on London's largest construction site:

    “We closed our sites in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as the safety of our workers is paramount. But devices such CATT from Beaconzone can get our project back on track, while keeping our people protected. We have tested the technology on site and we believe it has the potential to help changing people behaviour in terms of social distancing”

  • Close contacts detected quickly
  • Easy sync between wearables and management system
  • No need for WiFi, Ethernet or cellular connection
  • Dedicated devices are more reliable than apps
  • No false positives
  • Fine tune settings to remove fleeting close contacts

Beaconzone CATT - A Choice of Contact Wearables

To suit your workforce preferences and activities

  • Wristbands
  • Lanyards
  • Armbands
  • Attached in or on work gear

    Wearable Devices from £99 + vat
    Stations £199 + vat
    Discounts available for large quantities

Beaconzone CATT - Contact Alert, Track & Trace

  • Wearables vibrate and/or flash when the social distance is breached
  • Activity is synced and recorded in management stations
  • Data is easily analysed, raw data is available
  • Reports and raw data exported and shared

Demonstration Video

Video showing sync and data from the Stations.

1.5 minutes, best viewed full screen.

Partner with Us

We are always on the lookout for established solution providers in specific industries such as construction, health, manufacturing, logistics and education. Ask about our partner programme that includes volume discounts and referral fees.


The BeaconZone CATT Social Distancing Solution has been designed and developed by BeaconZone Ltd, a  UK based specialist in beacons and solutions. Beaconzone has been in business over 25 years. We are experts in the field of Bluetooth products and solutions.