Brexit for European (EEC) Customers

Beaconzone is based in the United Kingdom and is no longer in the European Economic Community (EEC). This has implications on the collection of VAT and delivery timescales.


The UK and EU have agreed a free trade agreement that means there’s 0% duty for goods into the EEC. There is no duty to pay. In any case, the type of goods means that no duty is due.


We don’t charge VAT for EEC customers. This is seen in the shopping cart after you have registered.

VAT at your country’s rate is assessed and collected by the courier. VAT can be reclaimed as input VAT in your accounts. We include your VAT number on the commercial invoice.

Courier Disbursement

The courier assesses duty and VAT. If there’s an amount payable they also charge you a disbursement to process the payment. This varies from country to country and is typically 2.55% of the goods value with a minimum charge of €15. The courier will contact you to pay this charge and the VAT usually prior to the delivery of the shipment.