New M52 Variants in Stock

We have some new variants of the Meeblue M52 available.

  • The M52-PIR is a sensor beacon with built in passive infrared (PIR) sensor. It can be used to detect room occupancy.
  • The M52-PA is a long range version of the M52 Plus. It uses an extra Bluetooth output amplifier to achieve a range up up to 170m.
  • The M52-SA Plus Waterproof is an IP68 version of the M52-SA Plus sensor beacon providing temperature, humidity (SHT20) and acceleration (LIS3DHTR) sensors. The humidity sensor obviously isn’t useful when the beacon is waterproof.

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New Meeblue Platform

Meeblue has a new platform for users of the W1 Bluetooth WiFi gateway. It’s designed to work with Meeblue sensor beacons to easily capture and view sensor data.

The platform is free to use and is publicly available. However, devices need be registered with the platform in advance. Requests can be made no more than once per second and you must use https.

Steps to set up the W1 gateway with the Meeblue platform

The API allows you to GET a gateway’s status, POST data from a gateway, GET a sensor device status, POST a sensor’s status, POST and GET sensor storage data.

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New Thin Beacons in Stock

We have two new thin beacons in stock. The Meeblue U1 and UL1 are only 4.8mm x 45mm x 25.5mm and weigh only 7g.

These beacons are similar to the iB001M in that they are particularly suitable for wearing by humans or animals. These new models have twice the battery power of the iB001M and use the more battery efficient Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 series system on a chip (SoC).

An accelerometer can be used to provide for motion triggered advertising. The accelerometer is only used for motion triggered broadcast and has adjustable movement threshold. They can also be set up to only advertise when the button is pressed. Advertising can be iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URI or user defined. In addition, the UL1, has a light sensor that can be set up to cause the beacon to advertise when it’s either dark or light.

M52-SA Plus Sensor Beacon in Stock

We now have the M52-SA Plus in stock. This is a slightly taller variant of the M52-SA with a larger CR2477 battery.

The M52-SA range are highly capable ‘third generation’ sensor beacons. This beacon has temperature, humidity and acceleration sensors and offers two configurable channels and a sensor data channel. It can advertise iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL or custom data in each channel simultaneously. Use of the Nordic nRF52 ensures a long battery life.

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