How to Attach Beacons

The electronics inside beacons tends to be very similar because they are based on chip manufacturers’ standard designs. Instead, the main differences tend to be the batteries and the case. When it comes to the case, how to attach the beacons is usually a consideration.

The most common way of attaching beacons is with a double sided sticker supplied with many beacons. 3M VHB is popular due to the strong hold. The sticker can be attached to smooth surfaces such as wall or the back of lanyard id holders.

3M VHB Sticker
3M VHB Sticker

When using stickers, removing the beacons from walls can damage the paint surface. Also, some installations need a more theft resistant solution. Other’s need to be attached to rough surfaces or used in rugged situations. In these scenarios look for beacons with screw mounting. The screw holes are also sometimes used to plastic tie lock beacons to structures such as cages or plastic boxes.

For wearable beacons, many have a loop that can be attached to a lanyard or keyring. There are also wristband form factors.

Finally, a few beacons have the option to use a magnet for attaching to metallic objects.

Magnetic Beacon
ABSensor N03 with Magnet

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