New HM-10 in Stock

We have the latest version of the HM-10, the HM-10S-A in stock.


The HM-10 is the de-facto standard for adding Bluetooth LE to existing hardware mainly because it’s CE and FCC certified. It’s popularity has caused many fakes and imitations that don’t behave as per the Jnhuamao original. Our stock is from the manufacturer so is the genuine product:

iOS App to Control HM-10 Beacon

Last week we mentioned we have started stocking beacon modules with relays that allow switching of electronic devices. If you want to control electronics at a lower current level you can also use the general-purpose input/output (GPIO) of some beacons such as the HM-10.

As it happens, Georg Descherler  as just released an iOS app to control HM-10 GPIO pins without the use of boards such as Arduino.

HM-10 Beacon