Solar Powered Pedestrian Beacons with iBeacon Technology

The Considerate Constructors Scheme Best Practice Hub has a new entry showcasing Solar Powered Pedestrian Beacons with iBeacon Technology. The hub is where UK and Ireland building contractors can showcase best practice.

The system consists of two solar powered belisha pedestrian crossing beacons installed by John Sisk and Son Ltd as part of traffic management plan measures.

Each belisha beacon has a Bluetooth transmitter advertising iBeacon. This allows parameters such as the battery voltage, discharge current and the beacon’s unique ID (UID) to be obtained and controlled remotely using an app.

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Building Construction Industry Time and Attendance Tracking

One of our clients Chime Software Limited, part of Wren Construction, is offering a Time and Attendance Tracking system for the building construction industry. It’s a mobile and desktop solution allowing teams to easily collaborate.

The clock in and clock out uses iBeacons. It’s possible to view and authorise timesheets either from your desktop or mobile phone. It’s also possible to take textual and photographic notes for sharing across a team or project.