New Low Power Bluetooth LE SoC from Toshiba

The type of System on a Chip (SoC) can greatly affect beacon battery life. At one time it was only Dialog that had low power SoCs. TI, NXP and Nordic followed and now Toshiba has joined them with their new TC35678FSG, TC35678FXG and TC35679FSG (PDF).

Toshiba has more information on these products.
The BeaconZone store has a special category for low power SoC beacons.

New ASensor Beacon

We have the new ASensor beacon in stock. This is our smallest sensor beacon measuring only 37.3mm x 37.3mm x 7mm and it uses the power efficient Dialog DA14580 that gives up to 1.5 years from a CR2025 battery.

The beacon supports iBeacon, Eddystone or sensor advertising. For sensor mode, the temperature, acceleration and battery level are in the advertising data.


New Solar Powered Beacon

We now have a few samples of the new TON9218 solar powered beacon available. The large 6.5cm x 9.6cm solar panel keeps the on-board rechargeable LIR2032 battery charged using only normal indoor lighting. Even with weak light, the solar panel generates about 100uA that’s 5x the average current consumption. Hence, with the use of the rechargeable LIR2032 battery as backup, this beacon can work almost forever.


As with the other Iotton models, the beacon has an internal timer and uses the Dialog DA14580 that provides 2x to 3x battery life of Nordic nrf51822 based beacons and up to x6 the battery life of TI CC254x based-beacons.

Lower Price on BeaconZone’s Lowest Price Beacon

One of our most popular beacons is the TON9108. The low price has made it popular with first timers who want to try out iBeacons without a large financial commitment. It’s also great for rollouts because the low power Dialog DA14580 and timed on period allows the CR2032 battery to last as long as a CR2477 in a comparable TI CC254x based-beacon.

We recently re-stocked in larger quantities and so have been able to lower the price and keep it our March “Most Affordable Beacon”. This beacon is currently only £7.70 + vat (about $11, €9). EU companies outside the UK can order ex vat.