Bluetooth WiFi Gateways and Apache NiFi

If you are sending data from Bluetooth WiFi Gateways via MQTT then you might want to look at using Apache NiFi on the server to get data into your systems. Apache NiFi is:

“An easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data”

It has over 135 different processors to easily consume data and send it on to other systems.

NiFi has processors to Get and Put data to an MQTT broker. An example of re-publishing can be found at

NiFi provides a web-based user interface to manage dataflows in real time. The project was originally open-sourced by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

Happy Bubbles for Home Automation

If you are interested in using beacons in home automation, it’s worth looking at Happy Bubbles. It’s hardware and a server that allows you to automate things happening in response to beacons being detected.

The concept is very similar to using a gateway with our generic beacons. In fact, the Happy Bubble ethos is similar to our own:

“Happy Bubbles is a different kind of IoT company. The happiest bubbles are the ones you create for yourself, not ones that others force you into. We believe that the products you purchase are your own and should be accountable to you, not the company that made them. … They are designed to run on your own network and not rely on other people’s ‘cloud’ services unless you want them to. Know exactly what you’re getting and what it’s doing on your network.”