Can Bluetooth Beacons Track Individual User Data?

Bluetooth beacons themselves are generally not designed to track individual user data. They are small devices that transmit a Bluetooth signal at regular intervals, which can be picked up by smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices within a certain range. The primary function of a beacon is to broadcast its presence and certain identifying information such as a unique ID.

However, the apps on your smartphone that interact with these beacons could potentially collect and store data about your location or behaviour. For example, a retail store might use beacons to send promotional messages to your phone when you’re near a particular product. The app on your phone that interacts with the beacon could collect data on which promotions you’ve seen, how long you spent in a particular area of the store and other information.

While the beacon itself is not tracking you, the software that interacts with it could be. It’s essential to be aware of the permissions you’re granting to apps on your phone, particularly those that request access to your location services.